The 初中艺术 Program

The arts play a significant, integrated role in the 较低的学校 to affirm and develop artistry within every student. Our programming offers nurturing and exploratory environments for students to learn, 成长, and play through creative processes in both visual and 执行ing arts. Students participate in both forms twice each week throughout the year and regularly showcase their work through exhibits and 执行ances. 

Preschool - Second Grade

The focus for our younger students is to discover and celebrate their artistic and expressive abilities. Students are guided through artmaking, 音乐探索, and creative movement tailored and sequenced to support their early childhood development. By exploring a wide variety of tools, 材料, and diverse styles and genres, students develop their love for the arts and hone their gross and fine motor skills, as well as their abilities to concentrate, 坚持下去, 和协作.


The focus for our older students is to further realize their creative potential and advancing their artistic literacies within the arts and interdisciplinarily. Visual arts courses collaborate with design science to develop students’ investigations and sensitivity to the elements of art, 设计原则, how to understand patterns, 并做出预测. Performing arts students continue honing their musicianship with classes emphasizing 执行ance skills and musical literacy, expanding their instrumentation, 声音的能力, and musical complexity through sequenced levels of repertoire.


  • Individual Music Lessons

    The lower school offers individual and small group lessons for piano and violin. These are offered before and after school.  For more information, please contact Judy Kee (

初中艺术 Calendar


  • 11月

    Kindergarten - Grade 5 爷爷奶奶 & 特别朋友节 Assembly
  • 12月

    Preschool Holiday Concert
    Elementary Holiday Show
  • 3月

    较低的学校 Talent Show
  • 4月

    Grade-Level Dramatic 艺术 Showcases
  • 五月

    较低的学校 Family Heritage Night
    较低的学校 Art Show Exhibit
  • 6月

    初中艺术 Celebrations

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